Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are mounted on a track rather than hung so that they can be folded away in a concertina fashion. Tracked shutters are ideal for large windows and can also be used as a room divider or as a door for a large wardrobe or cupboard.

Variable Light

Tracked shutters are very versatile. They can provide complete blackout when pulled out with the louvers closed, partial light with the louvers open and full light when folded away. These shutters are a great option for rooms with a large area of glass and a view that you don’t want to obstruct during the day.

Large Windows and Room Dividers

Tracked shutters are ideal for large areas of glass, such as patio and French doors. Acting separately from the window itself they can be pulled the whole or part way across the width of the window or door as you wish. They can also be used as interior room dividers and large wardrobe or cupboard doors, letting you use the spaces in your home more creatively.

Flexible Privacy

Tracked shutters can provide full privacy when fully deployed and the louvers closed, partial privacy with the louvers open and full light when folded away. You can even choose to fold the blinds part way along the track to create partial privacy when required.

Tidy and Sophisticated

Tracked shutters are a stylish and practical way of dressing your large windows and glass doors. Fully deployed and closed, tracked shutters look smart and sophisticated in any room and are neat and tidy when folded away to ensure maximum exposure to the view or space outside.

Slat Sizes and Tilt Rods

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