Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Just as the name suggests, tier-on-tier shutter blinds are made up of two separate shutter panels, one on top of the other that can be opened and closed either together or independently. This allows you maximum control over both privacy and light.

Maximum Light Control

Whether you want full blockout or to let all of the light into your room, tier-on-tier shutters allow you to do both. Like full height shutters tier-on-tier shutters cover the whole of the window panel but the top of bottom part can be folded open to create a cafe style where maximum light can flood into the room or to reveal a view whilst maintaining some privacy behind the bottom section.

Traditional and Modern

Tier-on-tier shutters are a traditional feature of Edwardian and Victorian houses and continue to be a popular choice today. However, tier-on-tier shutters can look equally as good in more modern homes where the option of full privacy and full view and light is required.

Full Privacy

If you required full privacy, tier-on-tier shutters are a great option. In particular they are a very popular choice for bedrooms where privacy is important but where light is also required or to where you want to make the most of a beautiful view.

Elegant and Practical

Create a beautiful finish to your room with tier-on-tier shutters which not only look stunning but also provide you with all of the privacy and light control you want.

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