Solid Shutters

What Are Solid Shutters?

Solid shutters are made up of solid panes of wood instead of angled slats or louvres. They create a traditional, period look and offer silencing and security benefits for your home.

Solid Wood Shutters Fitted in Southampton by Shuttersouth


Benefits of Solid Wood Shutters

> Full Blackout

Solid shutters provide the best blackout properties letting in no light at all when fully closed. However, you can also choose to open the shutters part way or leave them fully open to allow more light into the room.

> Noise Reducing

Solid shutters will protect your windows from the weather and are brilliant for homes where excessive noise is a problem such as a busy road. They can also improve heat retention leading to energy efficiencies.

> Privacy

Solid shutters can offer full privacy options but can also be opened part way. Some people choose to combine them with slatted shutter blinds to provide partial privacy during the day.

> Style

Typical of the Georgian and Victorian eras, solid shutters look beautiful in period properties. Solid shutters are often chosen as part of home restorations in order to maintain the period features and character of a property.

Window Shutters Shuttersouth Solid Shutter

Slat Sizes and Tilt Rods

sizes tiltrod


Take a look at some of the Solid Shutters that we have fitted for our customers…

Solid Wood Shutters Fitted in Southampton by Shuttersouth

Solid Wood Shutters Fitted in Southampton, Hampshire


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