Shaped Shutters

What Are Shaped Shutters?

Our shaped shutters are custom made to fit virtually any shape window or doorway. From circular portholes to triangular windows and French cutouts, we can make a shutter to fit. We can also offer motorised options for windows that are in hard to reach areas of your home.

Shaped Shutters Fitted in Stockbridge by Shuttersouth


What are the Benefits of Shaped Plantation Shutters?


> Variable Light and Privacy Control

Whether you want full blackout or a flood lit room we will work with you to find the best shutters to suit your needs. Variations of any of our other standard shaped blinds can be custom made to fit your window, whatever its shape or size, to offer the optimum balance of light and privacy.

> Dress Unusually Shaped Windows

Shaped shutters are very popular for gabled end windows and openings as well as arches and circular windows. All of our shaped shutters are carefully crafted to ensure they fit perfectly and work efficiently.

> Create a Stylish Feature

Don’t hide the beautiful shape of your window with a standard blind, shaped shutters can really enhance the uniqueness of your unusually shaped windows and add that extra wow factor. Smart, well made, shutters will add a high quality finish to any room.

Slat Sizes and Tilt Rods

sizes tiltrod


Take a look at some of the Shaped Shutters that we have fitted for our customers…

Shaped Shutters Fitted in Stockbridge by Shuttersouth

Shaped Shutters Installed in Stockbridge


Hamble Shutters - Shuttersouth

Round Shutters Fitted – New Forest


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