Which are the best shutter styles for bay windows?

Bay window shutters are one of our most frequently installed products. All of our shutters are custom made to fit your bay window exactly so offer a very smart and versatile window dressing solution with great control over privacy and light. But which shutters style is best for bay windows? There are a few options to choose from and here we give you a quick overview of which type of shutters are best suited to bay windows whether you have a period property or modern home.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters are ideal for bay windows located close to busy roads or pathways. Cafe Style Shutters cover just the bottom section of the window which gives you enough privacy from passing traffic and pedestrians whilst keeping the top section of the window open to allow lots of light into the room. This style of bay window shutter is quite often paired with curtains for full coverage at night.

Bay Window Cafe Stye Shutters - Shuttersouth

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier Shutters are similar to Cafe Style Shutters in that the bottom section of the window is covered. However, they also include another set of shutters to cover the top section. This gives you the ability to open up or cover the top and bottom section of the bay window independently. This provides you with great flexibility and the best control of light and privacy for your bay windows.

Bay Window Shutters Fitted in Winchester Inside


Tracked Shutters

Tracked Shutters cover the full height of the bay window but they can be folded to the side to open up each window pane fully. This style of shutter gives you the option for full light or full privacy quickly and easily. The louvres can also be split so that you can tilt the bottom or top section of the shutters independently.

Bay Window Shutters Fitted in Lymington - Shuttersouth


Full Height Shutters

Full height Shutters are perfect for bay windows where you want lots of privacy and shading, like in a bedroom. Custom made to fit the bay window precisely, full height shutters cover the full length and width of the window. Simply tilt the louvres for varying degrees of light and privacy as required.

Bay Window Plantation Shutters - Shuttersouth

Solid Shutters

If you want to block out as much light, draught and noise as possible, solid shutters offer a great solution for bay windows. Made up of solid panes of wood, without louvres, solid wood shutters offer great security and energy saving benefits. They also look wonderful in period properties, like the one shown here.

Solid Wood Shutters Fitted in Southampton by Shuttersouth


Overall, the best shutter styles for bay windows are Cafe Shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters, Full Height Shutters, Solid Shutters and Tracked Shutters. The style you choose will depend on how much control you require over light and privacy and the style of property you have.

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