How to Transform Your Conservatory into a Room You Can Use All Year Round


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If you have a conservatory, the chances are it’s a space that is rarely used except when the air temperature is just right. Typically, conservatories can be too hot in the summer and too cold in winter and so risk becoming a neglected empty room or a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t know what to do with! But what if you could use your conservatory room more often and make use of the extra space as a dining room, living room, office or even a play area? Well, shutter blinds can go a long way to help you to achieve this.

Conservatory shutters can transform your conservatory from a dead space into a versatile room that can be used for a variety of lifestyles, all year round. Shutters provide a smart and easy to maintain window dressing solution which offers privacy, shade and insulation and that will make your garden room feel more comfortable to be in. Plus, high quality materials means they are simple to clean and will withstand the varying temperatures and sometimes harsh environment of a glass room.

Privacy All Year Round

If you feel exposed or ‘on show’ whilst sitting in your conservatory, use shutters to create some privacy. In the winter, having the lights on inside whilst it’s pitch black outside can leave you feeling exposed, so use the shutters to create complete blackout. During the day, you might still want some extra seclusion without shutting out all of the sun, so just tilt the louvres to create as much or as little screening as you wish.

Variable Shade in Summer

The very definition of the word ‘conservatory’ is ‘greenhouse’ so it’s no surprise that, even in the middle of a UK summer, your garden room will heat up and usually become too hot to sit in. Shutters provide you with the option to shut out some of the sunlight in a controlled way. Simply open and close the shutters depending on the position of the sun and use conservatory roof shutters to shut out the heat from above.

Insulation in Winter

Just as much as conservatories can become too hot, they can also be extremely cold in the winter. In addition to under floor heating and extra insulation, shutter blinds can help to keep the heat in during the colder months. Most of the heat will be lost through the conservatory roof, so roof shutters would be most effective at keeping the heat in.

Style Makeover

Just like a lick of paint can transform a space, so too can new, bright shutter blinds. You’ll be amazed how much smarter your conservatory will look and how much more homely it will feel. It will finally feel more like part of the main home, not just an add-on space.

The Perfect Fit

High quality conservatory shutters are custom made to fit your conservatory windows exactly. Whatever the size or shape of your conservatory, regular, arched, triangular or angled, shutters are made up for each window and roof pane to ensure the best fit and screening.


Conservatory shutter blinds are made from high quality MDF so that they can withstand the harsh and ever varying environment that a conservatory can create. They are also easy to look after and can be wiped clean.

Simple Installation

Conservatory plantation shutters are simple to fit and can be installed quickly and hassle free. Custom made to measure, conservatory shutters will fit your window perfectly.

So, why not transform that old conservatory into a room that you’ll fall in love with again and can use all year round. With new smart plantation shutters, the room will immediately feel refreshed and more homely, you’ll be able to better control the temperature and you’ll get the privacy you need to make it a part of your home, whatever time of year it is.

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