How to Make a Room Feel Brighter

Want to know how to bring more light into a dark room? Then read on. From installing shutters and using mirrors, to decorating with a neutral colour scheme and thinking about your artificial light sources, there are plenty of easy ways to brighten up a gloomy space. Here are our top tips on how to transform your dark room into a space that is lighter, brighter and that you can use to its full potential…


To maximise the light coming in through your windows, shutters are a fantastic solution. Curtains and drapes can block out light, even when tied back, whereas shutters sit flush in the window frame to maximise the light coming through. If you want maximum light to flood into the room, opt for tracked shutters that can be concertinaed to the side to open up the window completely. Alternatively, if you still want a bit of privacy, choose Cafe Style Shutters or Tier-on-Tier Shutters that can be opened part way, usually at the top, to let more light in without leaving the room too exposed. The louvres of the shutters also allow you to fully control the amount of light let into the room.

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Mirrors are a brilliant way of reflecting light around a room and making it appear bigger and brighter. For best effect, place a large mirror close to the natural light source to capture the rays and bounce them into the room. If you don’t have much natural light to play with, try placing mirrors near to lights and lamps to help spread the light around the room.

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Shiny Surfaces

Building on the theme of reflective surfaces, think about adding some accessories and furniture with shiny finishes. More shiny surfaces will help to enhance the natural light and make the room look brighter. Glass vases, silver photo frames, mirrored furniture and gloss ceramics can all help to bounce light around the room.

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Neutral Colour Scheme

If you have a source of natural light, neutral colours on the walls can help to reflect the sun’s rays into the room. Choose a matt paint over gloss as it will reflect the light more evenly, where-as gloss can create glare. Continue the neutral theme with your furniture, flooring and accessories to help create the illusion of space and light. You should also choose a light colour for your window dressing – if you have window shutters installed, opt for a white based colour to maximise the light.


Extra lighting can really help to brighten up a dark room. However, always make sure you use more than one light source – a single light may create more shadows and end up making the room appear even darker in places. Uplighting is a great way to throw light towards the ceiling which will reflect back down into the room and lamps can create a nice warm glow in gloomy corners.

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So, if you have a dark and dingy room that you want to brighten up, try a few of these tips to make it appear lighter and bigger. For more ideas about how shutters could help bring more natural light into your home, give the Shuttersouth team a call to discuss your requirements and book a free home survey. We have a large variety of window shutters that will provide you with the perfect balance of light and privacy, whichever room you want to dress.

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