Do Shutters Keep the Heat Out in the Summer?


With the summer months fast approaching and the temperatures slowly rising, you will probably be turning the heating off and looking for ways to keep your home cool. Window dressings can make a big difference to the temperature of your house and one question that we are often asked is ‘Can Plantation Shutters can keep the heat out during the summer?’. Well, the answer is that yes, they can! Plantation Shutters not only keep the heat out, they also offer you ways to control the temperature of your home without compromising on light, ventilation and privacy. Read on to find out more…


The most obvious way in which Plantation Shutters keep the heat out is that they create excellent shade for your home. The added benefit is that Shutters are made up of many horizontal louvres that are tilted to adjust the amount of shade created for the room. So, if you want to keep the heat out completely, simply close the louvres fully. Alternatively, if you want to let a bit of heat in, the louvres can be tilted open to the desired level of shade.


Although creating lots of shade will keep your home cool, if you keep everything completely closed and all of the windows covered, you’ll miss the benefits of a cool breeze. Plantation Shutters get around this problem with louvres that can be tilted slightly to let the breeze flow through, whilst still maintaining some much needed shade. This means that they keep the heat out and let the cool air in at the same time!

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In the summer we often need shade to keep our home cool, but we don’t want to block out all of the light – it’s not often we get to enjoy it after all! Luckily, Plantation Shutters are the perfect balance – simply tilt the louvres to let in some daylight whilst still keeping the heat out – the best of both worlds! Furthermore, Tracked Shutters are designed to be folded to the side in a concertina fashion to open up the window completely, or be pulled across the window as much or as little as you like to create varied amounts of shade.


In a similar way to letting light in whilst also keeping the heat out, Plantation Shutters are a fantastic way of creating shade without leaving your home exposed to onlookers and prying eyes, especially in built-up areas such as London and inner city dwellings. Simply tilt the louvres to a level that reduces the heat whilst also giving you some much needed privacy in your home.

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