Can shutters be used on sliding doors?

Window Shutters For Sliding Doors - Fitted by Shuttersouth

Tracked Shutters can be used to cover sliding doors. Tracked shutters are mounted on a track rather than hung so that they can be folded away in a concertina fashion, making them suitable for large windows, sliding doors and bifold doors.

Sliding doors are a common sight in many modern homes. Providing lots of light into the room and enabling wide open access, sliding doors are a great way of seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have sliding doors and want a long lasting and stylish way to provide shade as well as privacy, tracked plantation shutters can be a great option. Read on to find out why…

Benefits of Tracked Shutters for Sliding Doors

Neat and Tidy

Tracked shutters can be folded away in a concertina fashion. Mounted on a track rather than hung, they won’t get in the way of the sliding door itself and can be folded to one side or the other when not in use. When you want some shade or privacy, simply pull the shutters across the sliding doors for maximum full height coverage.

Varied Light Control

If you don’t want full coverage for your windows, tracked shutters can be pulled part of the way across as you wish. This provides you will lots of light control; close the shutters completely for full coverage or only close part way to allow more light into the room. Plus, the slats or louvres can be tilted to further adjust the amount of light into the room, even when the shutters are fully closed.

Temperature Control

On warm days, the large expanse of glass on sliding doors can leave your room feeling super hot. Equally, on winter days, sliding doors can make a room feel cold. Tracked shutters can help you to control the temperature in your room; use them for shade in the summer and for retaining heat in the winter.

Varied Privacy Options

Large sliding doors can sometimes leave you feeling exposed to prying eyes or overlooking properties, so if you want some extra privacy in your home, tracked shutters are a great choice. Simply pull the shutters fully or part way to create the level of privacy you desire. Plus, use the tilted louvres to let some light in even when you want full privacy coverage.

Long Lasting

Tracked shutters are extremely durable and robust. Made from wood, MDF or plastic, they will stand the test of time, even with frequent use. All of our shutters are custom made to measure so they will fit your window perfectly and provide excellent coverage for your sliding doors.

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