7 Benefits of Kitchen Shutters

Research by Houzz suggests that, on average, we spend 60% of our day in the kitchen. So as we spend more and more time in our kitchens whether it’s cooking, eating, entertaining or relaxing, we all want our kitchens to look the best that they can, and when it comes to dressing the windows, shutters are a fantastic all round option. Here are just a few reasons why…


Easy to Maintain

Kitchen shutters are very easy to maintain. Curtains and nets can absorb moisture and quickly get dirty from food splashes and odours, whereas shutters don’t hold onto any dirt or cooking smells and are easy to wipe clean. Waterproof shutters, especially, are a brilliant choice for kitchens as you’ll never have to worry about any mould or mildew build up.


Shutters offer the best solution in terms of privacy from the outside world. A simple tilt of the louvres and you can vary the levels of screening according to your needs whether you want full blockout or just a slight obscuring.

Light Control

If you want to create a bit of shade in your kitchen but not fully block out the sunlight, shutter louvres or slats can be tilted to the desired level. Cafe style shutters even allow you to have the bottom half of the window screened with the top part entirely open to let in lots of light with the added benefit of partial privacy during the day.

Make the Most of the View

Shutters are especially popular for windows above the kitchen sink. Cafe style shutters, in particular, provide privacy across the width of the sink to hide any clutter from the outside, but the open top means you can still enjoy the view.

Kitchen Shutters - Blue - Shuttersouth


Shutters can be colour matched to your kitchen cabinets for ultimate coordination, so whether you want a particular wood stain or an off white, we can find the best shade for your kitchen. Alternatively, colourful shutters are a fantastic way of adding a pop of colour to your kitchen – neutral cabinets, floors and wall tiles are popular choices to ensure a kitchen doesn’t date too quickly, however, a splash of colour on the windows can really lift a kitchen space to look brighter and more interesting.

Add Value to your Home

It’s well known that a beautifully designed kitchen can add significant value to your home and smart, sleek plantation shutters will give any kitchen the ultimate finishing touch, with stunning effect.  Shutters can also make a home look really chic from the outside, so if you have a kitchen on the front aspect of your home, shutters can add some extra kerb appeal.

Keep Out the Draught

If you have a big country style kitchen, or an old period property, keeping the heat in can be a struggle. Solid shutters can be a great option for keeping the draughts out at night and trapping extra heat within.

Kitchen Shutters - Shutters Kitchen Sink - Shuttersouth


Interested in getting shutters for your kitchen? Get in touch with our expert shutter sales team to find out more about our shutter ranges and to book your free design consultation.


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