Are shutters good for city homes?

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Shutters are a fantastic way to dress windows in a city home. Whether you want to create some extra privacy, dampen traffic noise or stop street lighting from ruining your sleep, shutters are a great way to block out some of the pollution of city life. Read on to find out how shutters can help you to create a little oasis in the middle of a metropolis…

Create privacy

In built up city areas, it’s common to feel overlooked and maintaining privacy can be difficult. This is especially apparent if you have large windows or are positioned very close to a busy road or pavement. In order to create a bit more privacy for your urban home, consider having shutters fitted to windows that are exposed to prying eyes. Due to the tilting louvres (slats), shutters offer varying levels of privacy with ease; simply tilt the louvre shut for full screening or tilt them partially open to let in some light whilst maintaining some good coverage. You can also split the coverage of your windows top and bottom with tier on tier shutters or cafe style shutters – perfect for opening up the top section of your window for light whilst keeping the bottom section closed for privacy!

Reduce noise

City homes can often be troubled by all of the noise that city life brings. From noisy traffic and people walking by, to planes overhead and loud roadworks, cities conjure up a multitude of sounds that can prove annoying to anyone living in an urban setting. But shutters can help! The wooden louvres provide a sound barrier that buffers and reduces the background hum-drum coming into your home. Solid Shutters are particularly good at reducing noise and are far more effective than curtains or fabric blinds, allowing you to create a feeling of calm and serenity in your home.


Block out street lighting

If you are having trouble with glare from street lighting, shutters are a great solution. Light streaming into your home can be very irritating and, if it is directed into bedrooms, can keep you and your family awake at night. While fabric blinds and curtains can go some way to creating blackout, the addition of shutters can ensure that none of the light filters through from the outside. Solid shutters are particularly good for reducing glare.

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