7 Reasons to Choose Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters are one of our most popular style of shutters. Very versatile and super stylish, Cafe Style Shutters will look good in a variety of properties. Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing Cafe Style Shutters is such a good idea…

1. Make the Most of Your Bay Window

Cafe style shutters are perfect for Bay Windows. Custom made to fit, they fill the bottom half of the window to create privacy whilst letting in light at the top. By fitting the shutter to each individual frame, you don’t lose any of the shape or space of the window as you would with nets or curtains.

Cafe Style Shutters for Two Bay Windows in Southampton - Shuttersouth

2. Let In The Light

Cafe Style shutters are low enough to let lots of light in through the top half of the window, but privacy is maintained by the shutters at the bottom. Cafe Style shutters are great for dark rooms that need extra light too.

3. Don’t Lose Your View

If you have a view from your window, cafe style shutters allow you to have privacy without losing sight of the beautiful vista beyond. People often assume that by having shutters, you block the view, but this needn’t be the case. Cafe Shutters are a particularly popular choice for kitchen sink windows where you want to hide the clutter, maintain some privacy but also enjoy the view whilst cooking or washing the dishes!

4. Get The Perfect Fit

Cafe Style Shutters are custom made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. You can also choose how high up the window you want the shutters to sit and installation by specially trained shutter fitters is quick and easy.


Cafe Style Shutters fitted in Lymington by Shuttersouth, Hampshire

5. Create Privacy

Cafe Style Shutters are particularly good at creating privacy for street-level windows that might be over-looked by passers-by. The benefit is that you can have the shutter louvres open during the day to let in some light whilst also restricting the view into your property.

6. Dress Your Home in Style

Suitable for any style of property, Cafe Style Shutters can add plenty of kerb appeal from the outside as well as create a sophisticated and elegant finish for your home on the inside.

7. Enjoy Minimal Maintenance

Cafe Style Shutters are extremely durable. Made to measure from strong and sturdy hardwood or entry level MDF, Cafe Style shutters will provide you with a long-term window covering that will look smart and tidy and last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Our skilled craftsmen can make cafe Style Shutters to fit virtually any window.  Take a look at some of the Cafe Style Shutters that we have fitted over the years. Give us a call on 02381 290130 or book a free design consultation to find out more.

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