6 Reasons Why Shutters Are Good For Round Windows

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Round windows and portholes can create a lovely feature in any home. Whether they are used to create a focal point in a room, fill an awkward space or let in a burst of light, round windows add interest and style to many properties. However, it can be tricky to dress a round window and they are often spoiled by badly hung blinds or curtains that completely hide the shape of the window when closed. Plantation shutters, though, can be a fantastic solution for dressing your round window and here we give you a few reasons why….

Benefits of Shutters for Round Windows

Custom Made to Fit

All of our plantation shutters are custom made to fit your window perfectly. So, whatever sized porthole or round window you have, we’ll make a set of shutters to size. This ensures that there are no gaps and complete coverage is achieved.

Variations of Light and Privacy

Plantation shutters give you the option of having full coverage of the window or variations of privacy and light. Tilt the louvres slightly and you can let a bit of light into the room whilst still maintaining some privacy. Or, open the louvres completely to let lots of light in and be able to see outside and enjoy the view.

Shape of the Window is Enhanced

Plantation shutters are made up of a round frame that sits inline with the shape of the window. Horizontal slats or louvres are then placed within the frame to cover the glazing. This means that the shape of the window is not hidden and the feature is enhanced.

Choice of Colours

Shutters for round windows can be finished in a variety of paint colours or wood stains to suit your interior decor. White is the most common choice of shutter colour, but our Southampton Shutter Range is available in 28 different shades from creams and whites to black and grey.

Robust and Durable

Shutters are made from strong and durable materials to ensure they can endure prolonged use and look good for longer. Choosing shutters for your round window will provide you with a window covering that will look fantastic and work smoothly for years.

Sleek Styling

If you want a polished look that is stylish and sleek, look no further than plantation shutters for your round windows. The simple lines of the louvres combined with a smart circular surround creates a finish that is sophisticated and timeless.

So, there you have it; six reasons plantation shutters are such a good option to cover round windows in your property. If you want a window dressing that is sleek and stylish, robust and durable, and able to give you varying degrees of light and privacy, plantation shutters are a really good option for round windows.

If you would like some ideas and prices of shutters for your round window or porthole, please get in touch for more information.

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