Cafe Style Shutters

What Are Cafe Style Shutters?

Cafe style shutter blinds cover just the bottom section of a window. This offers you privacy but without shutting out all of the light. This is a great option for bay window shutters and for windows that are overlooked in a built up area.

Cafe Style Bay Window Shutters Fitted in Southampton by Shuttersouth, Hampshire


What Are the Benefits of Cafe Style Shutters?


> Maximum Light

By leaving the top section of the window fully uncovered, cafe style shutters allow lots of light into the room. You can choose how high to have the shutters and some people combine this style with curtains for when full coverage is required.

> Part Privacy

Cafe style shutters are ideal for windows that are overlooked and need some privacy without blocking out all of the light. A great alternative to nets or frosted glass, cafe shutters are a practical yet uber chic choice for creating privacy for your home.

> Cosmopolitan Style

Recreate the sophisticated and elegant look of properties in the chic cities of Spain and France with cafe style shutters. These have always been a traditional choice for the most stylish of homes there and are fast becoming a popular style for UK homes too. Whether you have a country cottage or modern apartment, cafe style shutters will look stunning.

> Easy Installation

Our Cafe Style shutters can be fitted by our expert installation team throughout Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Dorset. Contact us for details.

Read our blog post Benefits of Cafe Style Shutters for more advice on Cafe Style Shutters.


Which Rooms Are Cafe Style Shutters Good For?


Bay and Kitchen Windows

We often fit cafe style shutters into bay windows and kitchen windows where full privacy is not necessary. The half covered look works really well with the shape of a bay window and ensures that space and light is maximised. They are also popular as a backdrop to sinks under a window where some privacy is required without spoiling the view.


Living Room Windows

If you have a living room window that is adjacent to the main road or pavement, cafe style shutters can give you a good level of privacy whilst still allowing lots of light to flood into the room from the uncovered top section of the window.

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